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Versuri Tudor Turcu – Love in Disguise Lyrics

Love in Disguise versuri

My best defense is ignorance
But that will mean to leave you behind
But in a glance it all makes sense
I just can’t live without you by my side

I’m trying hard to hide the flame
That burns inside me but in vain
Sweeter then this bitterness i feel
Will be having you
I hope someday you’ll understand

That I’m
Taking back x2
All of my lies
Taking back x2
Love in disguise
Taking, taking back them all
To open my hearth
Even though we are confused
You’re still my only one
Taking back x2
Love in disguise
So open your hearth

This loneliness brings emptiness
And that reminds me that you’re far away
A second chance to break this fence
Is all I need from a brand new day

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