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I love you
For so many reasons
Just some sh*t to vent to
Damn Mizzy Mauri got beats
I love you
Break it down I break it down
All my smokers roll your weed up uh
For so many reasons
I break it down I break it down
All my drinkers get your liq’ right yeah
Word to Jada I’m smokin’ fire yeah uh
Look look uh yeah

I look at it funny a whole lot of money
I’m juggin’ it for me ridiculous
I look at it funny when n*ggas that’s gettin’ belligerent know what the business is
All of my n*ggas indigenous
N*gga take a second please consider this
Weed was trimmin’ it
Product was sellin’ it dream we livin’ it
Thinkin’ of scammin’ and schemes was givin’ in
Used to be like “n*ggas over b*tches”
Then my b*tches kept it over real than n*ggas
I can feel it in my feelings
Realest sh*t my heart done ever said was not to chill with n*ggas
Now I’m backseat I’m like Malcolm on the black street
With the album I’m an athlete
The way I be makin’ the track meet on the rap sheet (Ayy)
Look how they did our n*gga from Atlanta for not bein’ born in Atlanta
The government so underhanded
They handed that sh*t off to someone who basically scammin’
And f*ckin’ and duckin’ the Challenger full of police
And you know you a champion out here for thuggin’ it
I found a loophole that n*ggas ain’t want me to dig in
But f*ck it I dug in it
All of the water that sit on my neck
It just couldn’t amount to the oil that I struck in it
I used to sit in the kitchen so hungry
The oodles and noodles are boilin’ bubblin’ bubblin’
Mama workin’ shift and doublin’
Wasn’t ’til late in the night I was comin’ in
I was in high school no curfew f*ckin’ hoes like come again
Look at the way that they made it the people that hated
The divas I dated the beef and the bullets got fired
The n*ggas that died the problems the reaper created
We started with nothin’ and made it to somethin’
The duckin’ the bullets and keepin’ the blade
Love for my dawg don’t wanna be him ’cause he in the cage
I’m deep in the maze
He look at me as I’m rappin’ ’bout life in the street and the reason why he in the cage
Only thing different we both talked about it but life didn’t give back an even exchange
Speakin’ of life my n*gga Ike he doin’ three of them thangs
All he ever really wanted was to feed his daughter and get her the key to the Range
Almost stacked himself a milli’ in cash I’m tryna show you n*ggas he wasn’t playin’
He was that n*gga you had to go see when you needed a re-up for thangs
I beat up and bang
Pull up the block on the side with the opps and then cleaned up a stain for me and the gang
Shout out my baby ’cause she was the same give me the brain Caribbean thing
She willin’ and ready and ready for my Willie just like she Vivian Banks
She doesn’t sing
That just went over your head like “Oh it’s a bird no oh oh sh*t it’s a plane”
I did it again
Pull up to the party tell all the women to get in the Range
All of the women inside the party wanna get in but they couldn’t fit in the thing
Go on the ‘Gram scroll on the page look at the sh*t that I happened to see
Look at what happened to 21 Savage I’m knowin’ that sh*t could’ve happened to me
How they gon’ cut our n*gga from the country for simply rappin’ on beats
That happened to reach his goals touchin’ the souls
Of n*ggas that happened to be out trappin’ the trees?
Or packin’ the nines a Gat in their spine it’s that or the back of the seat
I saw a video of his lil’ daughter this mornin’ it made me so happy to see
Happy her daddy was on the television acceptin’ awards and actually free
Let’s keep it real we ain’t finna lie I think everybody laughed at the memes
And then I realized that that sh*t is mean
You can’t be jokin’ ’bout somebody’s freedom
Most of these people don’t know the severity of a situation know where they hearin’ it
All of the blogs that filter the good and cater the bad man we need some clearer sh*t
I’m on a mission to find me some clarity
I’m on a mission to find me some clarity n*gga yeah

From the north from the north know it’s us
Yeah I I I think the biggest misconception about me is uh
If you from the gang you gon’ throw it up
Somehow n*ggas think I’m arrogant when I say sh*t
If you from the gang gon’ and throw it up
From the north throw it up
The media try to build this you know this thing around me like oh this lil’ arrogant n*gga
If you from the north then you know it’s us
Peace and love peace and love
You know when I say sh*t like like I’m the best rapper alive
Peace and love peace and love
And the best artist out
I don’t say that sh*t to be cocky
From the north throw it up
You know I say that sh*t to show the kids
If you from the north then you know it’s us
To show the younger n*ggas the younger girls of the generation
If you from the gang you gon’ throw it up
Peace and love peace and love
You know the youth there’s no limitation
By the way you know free my n*gga 21 as well you know
Know it’s us
If you from the gang gon’ and throw it up
Lot of y’all n*ggas don’t know what that over the border sh*t be like that sh*t’s a hassle n*gga
If you from the gang gon’ and throw it up
That sh*t’s the worst sh*t you can think of
From the north throw it up
If you from the gang then you now it’s us
Peace and love peace and love
I’m back on my swavey sh*t y’all n*ggas know exactly what time it is n*gga
Peace and love
Peace and love
From the north goin’ up
We gon’ go so big that they gon’ know it’s us
If you from the gang you gon’ throw it up
Peace and love peace and love

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