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Glitter versuri Todrick Hall

I don’t know how you did it
But I like it when you cover me with your kisses
Count it justshot on my inefficient
No one else could ever make this cold heartless
But can you do it again

Cuz I wanna feel I wanna
Feel like this forever
That’s way too polite
Like this together cuz baby outside when
Your body’s on mine hey Google It’s
Cuz you love
Love me babe
Put it on

Click on the link in the description to
Find out how you can have your own dance
Party using the Google assistant and
Thanks again google for sponsoring this
Video hey Google how do I look good mine
You put a stop googling stuff flirting with me

Glitter lyrics ♪ tiktok clean Letra de la canción Glitter ♪ Versuri Glitter

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