Versuri thetrapman – No Sleep for the Youth Lyrics

No Sleep for the Youth versuri

No sleep for the youth
Had to build it from the ground, yeah
Mama told me “never stop”
I do it for my town
No sleep for the youth
Had to work for my sound, yeah
It’s a trill life,
Freelook knows we got it right, yeah

Come fuck with a player
I play my game fair
Don’t fit in the layer
I don’t need a prayer
I don’t really care
I’m breaking the barrier
A winner is shaped out of failure
They all want a favour cause I got the flavour,
Yea I got the flavour
I’m shaped out of failure
I’m major
Now get the hell out of my face, you a stranger
You fuck fuck with my patience, you might be in danger
The fuck is you talking bout? You’re the exchanger
Don’t try to explain her
It’s trapman the trainer
Trapman entertainer
Game changer
I change her, don’t blame her
Fuck fame, yeah
Stronger ones felt real pain, yeah
If u think of that, they were weak ones, is that the real reason you’re in danger?

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