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Set me free or give me death there ain’t no other choices
When I lay down to go to sleep I keep on hearing voices
Little whispers in my head man is you fake or loyal
Wine or water death, dishonor baby pick your poison
These little demons
Living underneath my bed creeping
Know the real monster lives above them all sleeping
That subtle breathing in your closet every single evening
Thought you’d never see me again, looks can be deceiving

When they hear the sound of the drum
They’ll be saying oh lord here they come

Here we come
Here we come
Here we come
Here we come

I used to think that people die because they’re wicked
Now days people want you see dead because you gifted
Been ready for my tomb since I came up out the womb
So no matter what I’m coming back and paying you a visit
Saw it coming I predicted
But ya’ll wouldn’t listen
Know you can’t protect your riches if you never burn bridges
Flipped pages
Went places
Made changes
Still dangerous
Now I’m back
Hold still ill make it painless
How it feel baby
When you say you love me is it real baby
Full speed both hands on the wheel baby
Young Taz coming from the Mo-ville baby
You know the drill baby

And when you hear the sound of the drum
We’ll be saying here we come

Here we come
Here we come
Here we come
Here we come
Here we come
Here we come
Here we come
Here we come

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