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The Knocks – Ride Or Die ft. Foster The People [Versuri / Lyrics]

Versurile cantecului "Ride Or Die"

Maybe it’s nice to be alone in the end
You know I’m fine living so close to the edge
Who needs a house when I’ve got all these friends
They say, are you gonna give up someday
are you gonna grow up someday

I know we’re getting older, but that don’t mean it’s over
I know we’re getting sober
but that’s not on my mind

We can do this every night
You can be my Ride or Die
We can live this way everyday
Go out like dynamite
I’m living life Ride or Die
Gonna live this way everyday

Don’t need a license, when you’ve got no drive
It feels so right to gain the wrong advice
They tell me one day that I’ll pay the price
They’re saying maybe I’ll go up in flames
Maybe it’ll blow up one day

Ride Or Die lyrics ♪ Versuri Ride Or Die

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