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DOOM CROSSING: Eternal Horizons versuri The Chalkeaters

The life was quiet all around
A cute little island
Nice and non-violent
But everything turned upside down
When a new guy came to town
We got along, he showed me ways
To craft and test things that cut intestines

Said we could party at his place
All the holidays
It’s just what I need
To watch demons bleed
Their blood on my paws
Unholy hordes slaughtered
Now I feel complete
The light of friendship shines through two dimensions
Two puzzle pieces, each other’s extensions
Fishing rods, big freaking guns
Hell yeah, together we are one
Our worlds collide on eternal horizons
A wild ride, every turn is surprising
We rip and tear until it’s done
Then head back home and have some fun
Together we are
One! One! One! One!
Together we are
One! One! One!
We are one

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