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The Great Fire versuri The Amsterdams

We used to make plans about our life
Now I’m afraid of you
It’s hard to believe your alibi
Do I look like a fool to you?

You’d like to be free but still care about me,
And after all its not so bad
This bottle of booze and drinks in my head,
Made me understand everything that you said

You’re the great fire
I’ve been waiting on
To ignite me
Burn all my sins in it

You’re the great fire
Rome was calling for
Such a strange light
I’ll build a new life from it

It used to be all black and white
Now I’m a color blue
You learn to dance naked in the wild
So why should I tame a shrew

This battle of two with guns made of glue
Made me realize a simple truth
That we are allowed to mess up a lot
As long as none of us gets caught.

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