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Versuri Taw – Battlefield (ft. Drama B & B.Kelly) lyrics

Battlefield versuri Taw

They throw hate at me cause I just took a different route
My soul bleeding they the ones who had it leaking out
Oh they told me I’d be no where but up on the couch
Now I’m in and out the state, nigga what you talkin’ bout

You can find my gang up on the block
Don’t make us pull them whips right out the lot
That time tick we runnin’ out the clock
We don’t need much time to take over them spots

Since “No Glory” I hit glory that’s my story
You just mad that yo B*tch straight adore me
Went from project buildings 7 stories
To being on playlist now they store me

Pouring up the drink for my lost ones yah
Hope they found the light and they ain’t get lost nah uh
to put an extension on your life oh that costs
When I die burry me in them diamonds so I floss

This my intuition I ain’t giving up
This the battlefield move if you ain’t leading us
When it comes to features got the means to pass a lot
I ain’t with it if that sh*t ain’t got a massive drop

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