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Summertime, the weather’s hotter, you’re running out of holy water
I hate all your songs about having fun next to all the strip malls and the bleached out sun
Summertime is a tired muse, and all your punks are too cool for school
Everybody has a shiny car
And everybody knows a shining star, well
I hate Santa Monica Blvd
I hate Venice Beach

I hate Tarzana too, because I hate Los Angeles
Everybody has a bright green lawn, down south where the water’s gone
And everybody has a hand to shake
Politics and moves to make, well
I want a better scene, up north where the water’s clean
I want what LA has without all the stuck up noses please
I hate Venice Beach
I hate Highland Park
I hate Tarzana too, because I hate Los Angeles
I hate LA, I hate Venice Beach, I hate the Echoplex
Drive north

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