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Echo versuri Swizz Beatz

I mean Nas is one of the greatest, can we get a cheers?
Woo, cheers!
I mean the echo of life is the echo of love
And the echo of love is the echo from above
And some people don’t even really know what they doin’, Goddamn
I mean, can you feel this, can you feel the vibe
Can you feel the zone?
The zone that we on, the zone that we own
I mean the zone that we own is the zone of our own
Goddamn, you can smell the cologne
Fly n*gga sh*t, fly, fresh, yeah
Came back, goddamn, double breast, yeah
The suit, that is, the suit, that is
I’m tryin’ to make a building for the kids that is
I mean it’s echo (Echo, echo)
Do the love, yeah
Came back like the Michael Jackson glove
Yeah, we just shinin’, we just shinin’
Rewind the track, just to remind it, yeah
From Newark to BX to Queens
Came back, man, we say “Who next?” Yeah, yeah, yeah
Toast to the kings, yeah
Toast to the queens up in here, yeah
The album name, damn it’s a POISON
So many people may get poisoned
Man, the life can be poison
You can talk crazy, bring your boys in

Throwin’ piss out the window at police
Chasin’ n*ggas with warrants
There was never no peace
Judy’s ass was enormous
I was fresh indeed, think about her sexually
Knew a bunch of Radio Raheems, rest in peace
Four finger rings, big as brass knuckles
Haters walk by, try to stab you if they hug you
Lady on the fourth floor hollering every evening
‘Til she planned up, wasn’t having it that evening
He was beating her, she ain’t have it that evening
One shot to the neck and the jugular, now he bleeding
She beat the case, but damn the kid suffer
I’m dating her daughter, but I’m having visions of her mother
Project nights, no project lights
Hopin’ a friend don’t try to rob my mom at night
She work hard to bring it to the table
Channel U before we had cable
Campbell’s soup before I had sushi
Viker shoe before I had the Gucci
40 deuce for the karate movie
Out of sync mouth movin’ movie
Sent to the store for a loosie
Came a long way, now the same ones salute me
Haters say it must be nice, I say it must be hate
I don’t like that line, that sh*t straight fake
Yeah, I’m talkin’ the ’80s, not the ’90s stuff
Time was real in Jamaica Queens, Ronnie Bumps
Queensbridge kings and all that
Rowdy white boys with baseball bats
Italians and greeks on Ditmars
Steinway Street, all the slick cars

I know some fake n*ggas livin’ a lie
I got some real n*ggas ready to die, uh
I know some fake n*ggas livin’ a lie
I got some real n*ggas ready to die

We was Times Square pioneers, 40 deuce, 40-below boots
40 ounce brew, the true Bishop from Juice
Runnin’ wild, loose, me and my 40 troops were stupid
Style, it was snorkel coats, Polo gooses, ruthless
Goons and wolves, bail-jumpers
Everybody from everywhere
They was tryin’ to jump us for pumpin’
True story, my youngins, I’m a deadly thuggish Fredly Douglas
Military persona, yeah, I’m livin’ with honor
To my n*ggas who servin’ 40 while I’m in my 40s
I’m a walkin’ observatory, a murder story since a shorty
On this journey ’til I’m A Weekend at Bernie’s dead
Burnin’ herb, Porsche frames hang on my head
30 years ago, memories they never left
Special memories, my n*gga, that we’ll never forget
For some reason we isolate that feelin’
I wouldn’t change a damn thing for a billion

I know some fake n*ggas livin’ a lie
I got some real n*ggas ready to die, uh
I know some fake n*ggas livin’ a lie
I got some real n*ggas ready to die

Research me, you’ll see I was never playin’
I’m who babies are talkin’ to and you don’t know what they sayin’
I’m who they communicate with
The code of a n*gga who don’t tell or say sh*t
A dollar stay in the hood 18 hours
In white hoods it stays for days, why it never stay up in ours?
I’m talkin’ that black power, talkin’ that white power
I’m talkin’ that Latin power, we gotta go for ours
United, yeah, I’m talking United
States of America now at war with the ISIS
Isis a Goddess out in Egypt, look how they got us
Damn, damn, God, look how they got us
Isis ain’t even the original name of the black Goddess
They all twisted it up, now it’s a name of some group
Deadly motherf*ckers

I’ma put this drink down and get the f*ck outta here
‘Cause I’m livin’ my dream
Shout out to all my n*ggas out there livin’ your dream
Word up, go live

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