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Versurile cantecului "Melt it"

Yow thats gonn be murda inna dancefloor
Know wha mi a seh? I like the way yuh work it..
Whe mi tell tell dem boom!

I like di weh yuh work it yeah
A-la I like di ya work it baby
I see yuh heart is frozen, lemme give som fyah mek mi melt it baby/

Yuh a mi muse far all my songs
I’m di train, yuh re my station
Our love is real, so come on baby, let’s spend some time
I’ll be yuh shelter per sempre
Ya luv, yuh tenderness, ya brown skin…
Put on ya feelings, an wine spin yeah!
Burn it up yuh burnin like fyah
Ya keep me up like inna Mount Zion
Lets mek lov upon di playa
Inna place nobody knows

Kitty di fyah burnin wild girl
Yuh know wha? yuh just so fine girl…
Yuh remind mi of Lambada
I just waan fi mek yuh wine

Well it’s double “n” Sonny Raggamuffin Flame up inna di building again and again
To all my ladies!

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