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Versuri Snoop Dogg x Dave East – Cripn 4 Life lyrics

Cripn 4 Life versuri Snoop Dogg

All this money I’m makin’
They thinkin’ Mason, but I ain’t Pappy
Yo Unc’, as clean they come, f*ck it, my braids nappy
My older b*tch wanted to kick it, I put on Rick James gladly
For the same caddy, that with the same navi’
I’m up early at the crack of dawn, movin’ like a
Uncle Snoop in the coupe with group
Bad b*tch twistin’ my locks, Jack in the box
Do it major, slang my flavor as I stayed on the block
They raided the spot, I’m hot, devilish features, but heaven sent
Pimp sh*t, mink to the floor, my b*tch in leopard print
I don’t trick paper on your chick, somethin’ I never spent
Just me and Snoop, twin drop coupes, cookie’s the medicine
Sky walk in the everglades, cuz, I’m forever paid
Cut from a different cloth, I guess I’m a renegade
Drinkin’ Crip juice with a splash of some lemonade
We on Daytons and we skatin’ like a icecapade
Gelato we can light for days, on God I’m a boss now
Uptown n*gga, I was up in Harlem knockin’ Dogg Pound
Used to the water nobody get nervous if it’s sharks round
Chains glow in the dark now, foreigns, I hardly walk now
Used to run, now I walk, all the cases I done fought
All the bud that I done bought, and all the b*tches that they thought
That they could get a piece of my establishment
Looky here b*tch, I ain’t havin’ it
If I blast the sh*t, watch the opp do a backward flip
My Backwood lit, FN got a plastic grip
Had an advantage in the trap was good at math and sh*t
Used to bag up to Doggystyle, you can’t imagine this
It’s like a, action flick, with the mackin’ pimp
The rap I spit will hit you like a tag and split
Bag the fit, blue rag, sag for this
You mad as sh*t, my n*gga East bagged ya b*tch
Got blue diamonds, blue hoodies, feel like I could never Crip enough
Unc’ put on for years, who am I to f*ck tradition up?
Don’t even trip nephew, just clean the kitchen up
And keep it Crip’n for life, never switchin’ up, (never) yeah

[Outro: Snoop Dogg]
Real talk (real talk)
From Dogg Pound to Uptown
Real sh*t (real sh*t)
You can’t spell West without the ES
You know what it is (you know what it is)
Real hustlers, real Crip’n (real Crip’n)
Shout out to my n*gga Mars
MyGuy, for hookin’ up this motherf*ckin’ beat
Yo East, I told you when you hit the motherf*ckin’
LAX, touch down, n*gga
Cause I got that bubblegum
That real sh*t, that real Crip sh*t
You what I’m talkin’ ’bout
That hubba bubba, that blue bubblegum, cuz
You can’t get it no where but here, for real though
Have a little bit of that Crip juice, with a splash of lemonade
And a bubblegum Backwood, and you gon’ be aight
You understand me, yeah, East

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