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I stood by your side this
Whole campaign, your beautiful dutiful Melania
I can’t take it anymore I am your wife
Your daughter your mouthpiece
Your one black friend your other daughter
And you’re taking it for granted that we’ll always be
There but one day soon, Donald, you
May wake up and this bomb pussy blouse will be gone

Donald I’m not sorry I’m not sorry
I’m not sorry I’m not sorry
Better stick with you unless
I think we’ve got to me and my
Ladies back fix your bald spot
I’ve had enough tired of thinking about you
I’m done thinking about four fingers up
They don’t bend right
Tell them hell naw daddy has tweeted sorry
I don’t even think he means it
I’m suppose to be the brains here
What the hell have I been thinking
Now he’s bringing Paula Jones in
There goes my friendship with I miss Chelsea Clinton
Call me Chelsea I’m done thinking about
You I’m done thinking about you
Four fingers up tell them hell naw
I killed on that convention speech
No lie but I’ll never be Ivanka
In your eyes I don’t give a damn
Tonight I’m turning tables don’t call me
Tiffany trump I’m tiff maples
I’ll leave my resignation in the hallway
Signed on the whisle there’s no last name
No last name I ain’t with no
Last name don’t get me wrong i have
Good life but Donald doll don’t
Urnt estimate your wife i got an eastern europe mind
Set i won’t forget
I won’t forget Donald better watch out
Watch out me and my about to walk
Out i see my pants in the
Corner looking for the back door
You only want me when I’m not there
Without me you wouldn’t be
Standing there you’d just be that guy
With the weird hair you’d just be the guy
With the weird hair I wrote that all by myself
The limo is waiting let’s go, you look very nice
But let’s go Tiffany wait here
Oh, cool

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