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I built a ship just to sail away
Cause I been drowning in my thoughts everyday
Swimming in lies not to feel the pain
I’m all alone me, myself and my Novocain
So much evil, lurking in these people
Tryna chase light, tryna get my mind right
In outer space, on my great escape
Could take you with me if you wanna elevate

I’m on my way, I’m on my way
Pick up the pace, I need my space, you’re in the way
Count down the days, count down the days
I leave this place moving too fast I need no break
To Infiniti, I be traveling, no penalties, I’m still balling
You a trip, rented a whip
Time to drop it off, I got my ship and I’m taking off

Winning by a mile I’m on my final lap
Rockets fire behind me they heated in the back
Ain’t looking at the back view, stepping on the gas
Fly into my future, waving to the past
A battlefield feels like it’s a fight everyday
A weapon in my mind, I’mma die another day
If life is what you make it
You could make it great
Why running on the ground when you can fly away

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