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Simona Radu – Bonsai Dream Lyrics

Lyrics to 'Bonsai Dream' by Simona Radu.

Close your eyes
It’s my lullaby
That I’ll sing to you tonight

They cut my branches to keep me small
I live in a tiny pot
And they peel my skin off to make me look old

Don’t they know that I am still a child?
Don’t they know that I hurt inside?

All I have is my bonsai dream
That I go to sleep with every night

They starve me cause they want me weak
My roots cannot go deep
I long for the ground, for feeling my mother’s heartbeat

I’m a prisoner, yet they call it art
They keep me chained, but in my heart…

I keep my bonsai dream
That I go to sleep with every single night
Someday I’ll be
What I was meant to be
A beautiful big tree, born to be free

Open your eyes
It’s YOUR lullaby
That I sang to you tonight

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