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Versuri Silvestre Dangond, Jorge Oñate – Firi Firi (english) lyrics

Firi Firi (english) versuri Silvestre Dangond

To Luis Jose, El Monaco and El Bebe Dangond
With thrust

Is that a vallenato of these
It makes my heart happy
There is no Firi Firi
No sir
It is quality and taste cadence

There is no Firi Firi
No sir
It is quality and taste cadence

The vallenato is narrative
It is a heritage of the people
When I moved I play it on guitar
He made the entrance, so that he arrived
To the center of the country

Hey hey
I repeat it again
But there are many who criticize without being na ‘
And they dance the concert, without stopping (leash)

Becoming a national legend
But there are many who want to finish us
They don’t sell, they don’t sell
They don’t buy, they don’t buy

As the chief said
Like the pigeon’s nest
Pure straw and?

To Lucianita, Guille and Danielito
The children of Carlos Bloom

Come back and play
Carlos Genico
You crowned

To Lucho Alonso, Cangis Cani and Coquito Malla
Cerquista, Ivan Daza
Godson, what happened?
Guayao with reggaeton
That never

On music platforms
There is a catalog of excellence
The legacy left by the chief
Rafael Orozco, Oñate and Poncho
I heard as a child

Hey hey
And Silvestre too

And if they want a good puja, play ‘
A meringue of Escalona, ​​or
Or from Duran (tasty)

Lucas Lucas and Jose Lucas
The grandchildren of old age

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