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I rhyme like a prince, my shit elegant
My time on this earth is finite and relative
Night and day i’m doomed to elevate
… putting up new chemical elements
Animator, procrastinator
Thick skin like a vile alligator
Every time i rhyme i press render
Crime scene, i’m the social offender
Of the dome, work hard
Rome wasn’t build in a day, you retard
I’m harvesting… long years of study
Traveling, i’m throwing javelins
Time to react, time to reject
Mainstream medical pharmacies
Impressive like, special fx
The next, generation of spawning cyborg mcs

Out of my room, out of my room
I feel like oliver twist, an orphan
A thick smoke morphing into silhouettes,
Morphine, simt numai fum
… acum i-acum, de nebun am ales drumu lung
Care duce la fund,
M-acuz si m-ascund de lume
Ursuz, pun bluza pe cap ca un urs,
16 bars, bail me out, my salvation
Semiautomatic, i clap this fake shit
… manna wanna spit bares right here
Toc toc ca masina de tocat carne, mi-
– Traliez cocote, nu ratez
Am antrenament cu rime, restartez
Pun bomba, le restartez,
Pun bomba, restartez,
Rimele mele-s… grele, gantere
Rimele tale’s… rimel, you cunt

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