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Magic versuri Sereda

I feel alone today mm ik up and get
Along the way I just seen another one
Called today and I had enough to let go
Today I feel alone today

Mm a couple get along the way I’ve seen
Enough for the world today but I had
Enough to the film today
Some say X’s in his eyes like these you
Wanna sacrum try me Lee turn you out in
Silver free lollipop the Sun for me pop
It back up pop it down for me
Are you down for me is really everything
Is supposed to be for you lie to me now
You’re high off me in your feelings that
You still so drawn by me are you dumb
Everybody’s gone forehead call me with
The way give up head and all the keys
Any on Russ Belden join a magic yeah a
Little eye magic pull it out like I had
Trained gone down on his messages that’s
A bad bitch
We love them and watch it happen
Sever with the huge but I’m out
But I’m out what a lovely feeling away
Another place another wife regulative
Bring him a line showing fake love I had
Enough cut me a break
Send me the time no no we’re happy used
To be like it alone with me so to see
Listen adora see love in the wither to
Hold of me it’s home to me it’s home to
Me but axes in my eyes aren’t free
You wanna Salaam try me
The song for me Papa Papa trumpet down
For me
Are you down for me but you really
Nothing like will you pretend to be boy
You lie to me now you’re high off me in
Your feelings that you’re still so drawn
By me are you dumb
Everybody’s gonna call me was away give
Them head and our please control it
Then you’re my spelling join in magic
Yeah there’s a like button pull it out
Like a head trick I’m going down on his
Messages I’m a bad bitch magic magic

Fireworks for side of her the colony
Monk I thought the way that I’m making
The best of words it’s literal magic Bay
You’re watching half the name I’m
Weaving these spells out of my world
Brother to the ends of the flight when
It’s on my lights off fighter to the end
War baby turn my lights out

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