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I’d ask my younger self do you wanna be free?
If you knew you’d be where I am right now
Would you follow the flame?

No insecurities, that I am just me
Or about the stories on my skin
Wish I could go back to the start
I’d tell my younger self

Hello hello hello
Light it up and burn down the dark
Let it all out, Let it all out
Go all out

Hello hello hello
Show yourself and don’t fear your heart
Let it all out, Let it all out
Go all out

Think back to how I felt
Never sure who to be
Comparing my body to a doll
Not my favourite game

The shadow grew with me
Pulling me in too deep
As I saw my reflection start to fade
I wish I’d followed the flame
I’d tell my younger self

I’d get lost in a kiss
I used to dance under the stars
Scream a little louder
La la live it all a little bolder
We’d play with fire ‘til
‘Til the sun glistened on our skin
There were no need for worries or doubts
I’d tell my younger self

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