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Versuri Sage The Gemini – Handle (ft. Lil Yase) lyrics

Handle versuri Sage the Gemini

I just knocked a b*tch up at Sundays
Hit my whip.. make yo n*gga be like.. “One day”.. ayy
You turn me down.. now it’s too late
All these diamonds got my exes saying.. “Touché”
Yeah.. I don’t f*ck with you.. you the opposite
You was hating when a n*gga became opulent
Woah.. on the freeway flying
I’m fresh to death.. but I don’t plan on dying
Touchdown.. lil’ n*gga.. we don’t do punts
Extendo out the window.. no.. not two blunts
Young n*gga front a flex me and all my flaws
I used to live in.. me and all my dogs
It wasn’t one.. so I made a way
Hopped up out the Bentley dressing like I’m TJ Fadeaway
Got these hoes jocking me.. yeah.. me and
Pull up on the block.. pumping bas*.. hella 808

Whoa.. whoa.. I.. I.. I.. I.. goddamn
Young n*gga.. pull up in a red Lamb
Two tone trunk and I shoulda made my ram
N*gga in LA like the motherf*ckin’ Rams
I don’t want your weed.. n*gga.. you be smoking

Next week.. n*gga.. catch me at the Summer Jam

Kick her in her as*..

Getting my respect like I’m the motherf*cking grands
Sorry ’bout the pause
I’ma do a n*gga like
Saying f*ck the law
I be doing me so I hope you doing y’all
Or please don’t even call
See me.. then they fall
N*ggas in my DM..
They be in my shows.. I don’t see ’em like I’m Charles
I’ma run it up.. let that n*gga
I don’t know her name.. but that b*tch.. she in my drawers

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