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Versuri Rick Ross – Turnpike Ike Lyrics

Turnpike Ike Versuri

I told her that she can’t f*ck me like a king no more
I told her she gotta make love to me like I’m a emperor, a emperor
Man, I done got money everywhere n*gga but particularly that Turnpike south
It’s really a blessing to a young n*gga

Indictment on the way, I’ll say that on the case
When you get your first kilo, it should be on your face
N*gga movin’ like the mob, hunnid thousand franks
Dry men when you wanna be out on the lake (Swish)
Determined to be one of fortunate men versuri.us
B*tches come from everywhere, wants to hustle and commence
I see you prayin’, testifying, forgotten the time…
Bottom line your cars should get shot up like it were mine
20 round?

Who thought a project n*gga could get a yacht
2 million dollars cash in the range rover?
Airport lets get the plane loaded
I put it on the turnpike
Gold rims, whip real, blue bills duckin the termites

I’m going to let one of my bad b*tches tell yall how much paper I got

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