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Versuri RiceGum – Official iDubbbz Content Cop Diss Track lyrics

Official iDubbbz Content Cop Diss Track versuri RiceGum

A 30 min vid, I’m who you’re obsessed with
You look like your sister is the girl that you have s*x with
Uhh, yeah do you get the message?
On twitter threaten r*pe we should get this guy arrested
But I’m flexin, can you get these sheep out my mentions?

How can I be mad? B*tch I sleep in a mansion
Try to hold me back but I keep on advancing
When I’m looking at his head, ouu, that shit so gigantic
I’m coming still, b*tch, my pocket’s full of hunnid’ bills
I’m in the hills, b*tch, my song just did a hunnid’ mil’
They tellin’ me to stop flexing but I’m stuntin’ still
I ran it up, all of the sudden b*tches wanna chill
Aye, you done crawled out your little cave
You got a girl but I can tell that you a little g*y
Somebody stop the school shooter, he look filled with rage
Speak on my name, little b*tch, I’ll put you in the grave
In the Wraith, I see stars like I’m K.O.’d
B*tches chase me, I don’t got no time to chase hoes
For this song, I was gonna make y’all wait though
But like H3 I had to let the weight go
I remember I was broke, I couldn’t dress a lot
Came up from nothing, little b*tch, that’s why I flex a lot

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