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Do Like Say versuri Ric Hassani

Hey Baby
I’ve been looking at you since i walked in
You’ve been looking like u needed somebody
I know u wanna dance with me oya baby come close to me
Hey lady
Let me be the man u can talk to
Share ur heart with me on this dance tune
I know u wanna dance with me i can see it in ur eyes
Abegi nor dae form for me

Shebi u dae do like say u nor wan dance oo
I’ve been watching you for long
Looking at ur pretty face it’s no mistake that am crazy abt u
You’re bursting my brain
Baby you’re bursting my brain
R nor go lie oo
baby me r nor fit lie ooo ×2

Why e b say u nr dae shakee ur pretty body
I can make u move to the groove
U can call me Michael Jackson
Nor dae form for me
The way u look at me
Turns me on oo ×2

Shebi u dae do like say u nor dae… feeling the boy
But leh me tell u something
This beddo is critical something at all at all
U most feeling the the anointing
Girl it’s u am calling baby don’t look away
Just take my hand
Girl i want you to dance with me
Why you dae do like say

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