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Next Stop Anywhere versuri Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure

I wanna break every rule
And cross every line
I wanna show all the stars
How stars oughtta shine
I wanna do as i please
And knock the world to its knees
And go wherever the breeze is blowin’

Next stop, anywhere!
Got a whole wide world to see
Nothin’ stoppin’ me
Next stop, anywhere!
’cause there’s so much waitin’
I know it’s waitin’
I feel it waitin’ out there
Uh, blondie! Wait up!
Man, do you have any idea
How hard it is keeping up with you out here?
Come on, eugene, it’s my first trip outside of corona!
It’s like a whole new chapter
Of our lives has just begun!
That’s kinda what i was thinking, too.
I mean, aren’t you excited
To see where these rocks are taking us?
Well, uh, let’s see… excited?
To follow a bunch of creepy rocks– ouch!
To who-knows-where?
Of course, i’m excited.
I’m with you. What else could i be?
We’re gonna toss out the maps and follow the sun
We’re gonna blaze our own path
And go on the run
We’re gonna get out and do what nobody’s done
[rapunzel] there’s so much out there to do
We’ve barely begun!
[eugene] we’re gonna take every dare
[together] and feel the wind our hair
With no one tellin’ us where we’re goin’
Next stop, anywhere!
If you’re there, i’m gonna be
Where i wanna be
Next stop, anywhere!
And the world is callin’
It keeps on callin’
Just think of all that we’ll share
Do me a favor– try not to run off like that?
Not that i don’t think you can handle yourself,
But i promised your dad i’d keep you safe.
And i’d hate to lose you less than a week on the road.
Has it been that long already?
You’ve got to exercise at least some caution out here.
Trust me, raps.
The real world isn’t all fun and games.
Next stop– vardaros!
City of fun and games! [laughs]
I am so glad we decided to bring those two along.
C’mon, cass, vardaros is an amazing city!
You’re going to have fun.
Which i’m guessing is a new thing for you.
Come on, pascal, it’s our first big city outside of corona!
You heard ’em, cass.
This is gonna be fun!
Next stop, anywhere!
Got a feelin’ things’ll be happening suddenly
Next stop, anywhere!
Gonna chase my destiny
Find the best in me
Next stop, anywhere!
’cause it’s time we went to be
Where we’re meant to be
Next stop, anywhere!
And the world is waitin’
I feel it waitin’
It’s all just waitin’ out there
[eugene] everywhere
[rapunzel] everywhere

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