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They call it first past the post You live in a constituency kinda like an area code
There are 650 of these various zones. Up and down the country designed to compartmentalise votes
Check the system, listen,

The Prime-ministerial candidate with the most votes don’t always win in this system
Our votes only count towards helping some random
politician in our local jurisdiction better his position
Come closer listen in… Only takes a third of the population to give
a party the majority they need to win Even if more people in total across the u.k
i.e. the real majority, vote against em getting in, yeah
The systems kinda fucked and it doesn’t seem fair
But that’s the way it is here and also over there
In the USA where the airs already turned sour Cos more people voted for Hilary but Trump
still got into power But check the loop hole, It’s called tactical voting
If you live in an area where most of your neighbours are a mix of blue and red
And are practically neck to neck in the polling
And the yellow party are the party you’ve invested all your hopes in
Then your vote will probably be in vein I know this sounds insane and probably makes you feel
Like you’d do better if you just abstained
And didn’t vote for no one like, fuck em they all the same
No one represents me or my peoples anyways But what if one party is the best of a bad bunch
And you’d rather them get into power than
those other lying cunts What then? Think practically
The only way of ensuring the worst don’t happen is by voting tactically
i.e voting for the party you hate least so the one you hate most don’t just win automatically
In the past this has worked when those of you liberals in the centre have acted pragmatically
Accepting things the way they are without tryina change them dramatically
Cos you know you’ll lose systematically But we’re living in different times now, unprecedented
If Trumpism has taught us anything it’s that the political system
However demented and augmented can be dented
And you ain’t gotta go out and vote the same way all your family and friends did
So go on, role the dice and play the game Not all constituencies are the same,
Some are red, some are blue And some are all together strange, mixes of the two,
That hang in the balance
And you might do well by putting your X up on that ballot,
Throw some seasoning in that salad Just try and swing it, help your party win it
That seat in the Commons still has value in it
Even if your party aint running government
they can have a voice within it Veto policies they don’t agree with
That the party in control are tryina pass through and get em beated
Like when Boris tried to prorogue parliament and got defeated
Fuck how you wanna live now This is about how you wanna move forward
What kind of future you want for your sons and your daughters
And all you OAP’s out there, the ones that are probably gonna die in the next ten years anyway…
Why don’t you ask your 15/16 year old grand kids
Who they’d vote for if they could and go and vote for em?
You’re generations already fucked up the environment for em.
How about not fucking up their futures for em as well?
At your marks… Get set… Go…
First Past The Post That’s what they call the system we use
in this country when we vote Cameron said that Britain’s broke
But the only thing that’s broke in Britain is this system, trust me, It’s a fucking joke
Just a two horse race like Lidl and Aldi Fuck where you do your Christmas shopping man
All they wanna know is ‘you an inny or an outty?
They don’t wanna see your belly button man You don’t wanna live to regret this
Second chance to stay or head for the exit Naa
Obviously i’m talking bout Brexit Yeah that’s right we all still talking bout Brexit
This ain’t no super complex shit, its simple
Fuck how these politicians flexing Tryina make this shit about their parties policies
When aint nothing moving forward till this
problems been corrected So vote Torie if you wanna be free from European influence
And become the 51st state of The US when it comes to trading
Or vote Labour and have another referendum on whether we leave the EU
Now that everyone’s more informed about the situation
But if you’re worried bout Jeremy stifling
wealth creation and don’t wanna vote for
Boris cos you fucking hate him Then vote Lib Dem in the constituencies they
have a realistic stake in Or the Green Party I hear some of you shouting
-respect if that’s where you stand your ground in-
Or any of the other smaller independent parties in the areas they have some actual clout in
And force a hung parliament So no mother fucker has the majority and we
get another coalition government …the choice is yours
Vote with your head and your heart in equal measures Now that you’re better informed…
Take your vote and go hell for leathers Go rustle some fucking feathers…
Oh and merry xmas What’s at the top of your wish list?
Apart from wrapping up this whole dirty stinking business
Go out and get voting After that you can get the smoke in and crack the tins open
Cos you’ll need a clear head for what’s approaching
No joking Trust me the game’s wide open…
You know what to do… Hit the likes on this bitch it needs promoting

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