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Arms Of The Blues versuri PK Mayo

I’ve got the weight of a lifetime
Hangin’ here over me
Caught up in love and money
Sure ain’t the way it’s supposed to be
Gotta find me a way to set my soul free
Can’t take another day, of this misery
Another Love gone wrong
A heart broken in two
The belief for mercy
A simple search for the truth
A mans wondering eye can make a woman lay down

Only to lay the blame on the final round
Lay me down, in the cold cold ground
Keep me warm, let me hear the sound
Free a mans mind and his conscience too
Way down here in the arms of the blues

I hoped and prayed all my lifetime
A love for you and me
But it all broke down
Too late for me to see
I can’t to find my way back
Where I lost my way

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