Versuri Pitbull – So Sorry Lyrics

So Sorry Versuri

Wake up motherf*ckers!
It’s not a Cuban coffee
Una coladita ha ha ha
You ain’t gotta worry about MIAMI being represented no more
‘Cause it gets represented thoroughly throughout the world
By who? By yours truly
Mr. From nothing something Let’s ride

I’m here now alive in the flesh
Burning sh*t down like David Koresh
Except Imma walk out and wave bye to the press
Yes you heard me correct
Pit’s like the I-R-S I’m here to collect
On taxes that b*tch life owes me
Now it’s time to pay back
It’s either that or run in some cribs
Strapped with the K
Asking where them K’s at
I flow special like that K
All my smokers light that J
If you think you’re that hot hell’s right this way
I see you took the first step
You already pressed play and
That there impressed me
And I’m truly flattered I’m truly thankful
Money I’m not worried about
Cause Imma have a bank full
I’m not trying to brag I’m not trying to floss
But it’s hard to find yourself living
In the land of the laws versuri.us
A lot of these cats would sell their souls to the devil
No matter the cost for a piece of success
Not knowing the consequences and the constant tentions
I’m a monster playing monster’s ball
When I’m telling y’all I’m on ready for it all (RRR-all)

So sorry I’m so sorry and
I’m so sorry I’m so sorry and
I’m so sorry I’m so sorry and
I’m so sorry I’m so sorry
I’m so sorry I’m so sorry and
I’m so sorry I’m so sorry and
I’m so sorry I’m so sorry and
I’m so sorry I’m so sorry

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