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Versuri Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Candace Against the Universe – Such a Beautiful Day lyrics

Such a Beautiful Day versuri Phineas and Ferb

The sun is shinin’

Not a cloud in the sky

My stars are alignin’

And I swear that I

Could do anything

On such a beautiful day

It really is

It’s such a beautiful day

And like a baby bird

Comin’ out of my cage

My life’s an open book

I’m gonna write a new page

And I know that I’m mixing my metaphors

But you can probably get the main gist

Of what I’m tryin’ to say

She mixed her metaphors

But we know what she’s sayin’

I don’t remember ever feelin’ so optimistic

I’ll admit it just a little uncharacteristic

‘Cause I know that I’ve been known to be antagonistic

But I don’t even think I’m gonna go ballistic

As long as my brothers don’t build

Some big enormous thing

That makes me go “no way”

That disappears before my mother gets home

Like when they built a giant rollercoaster

It really is, it’s such a beautiful day

I’m gonna keep my outlook bright and cheery

Gonna think some happy thoughts

I’m gonna keep ’em near me

Though my brothers’ crazy antics

Could make anyone weary

I won’t get sucked into their chaos theory

As long as they don’t

Build a giant rollercoaster

Robot versions of themselves

Or strand me in a video game

You know what I mean

If you had seen the cattle drive

The time machine, the giant paper pelican plane

They build motorized chariots

An escalator to the moon

The tallest building, treehouse robots

Other nonsense coming soon

A shrinking sub, a water fall

A robot dog, a Trojan horse

A growth elixir, a Perry-tron

A pyramid of related sports

But today I’m not worried about any of that noise

Today it doesn’t even matter what those silly old boys

Are doing

It’s such a beautiful day

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