Versuri Phelipe – Stories Lyrics

Stories versuri

Here, where we lay down on the ground
Making no noise no sound
I’ll just stare in your eyes
Here, where we make time disappear
Hoping that love will appear
I’ve seen it before in your eyes

But you’re cold to the bone
I don’t wanna do this all alone, no

Tell me stories even if they’re lies
Tell me if we’ll ever reach the skies
I’ve got the best of me on my mind
If there’s love I’m gonna find

Hey, there’s no secret I see you closed
Heart somehow it froze
Just lemme warm you back
Hey, was it me , did I did you wrong
Was I weak to sing your song?
Been holding it in for so long …

I’ll take a bow if you will find a way to say
How you felt for me
All this time It won’t make any difference,
I’ll love you still
You’re the sweetest thrill

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