Versuri PewDiePie Singing Shape of You Lyrics

Shape of You PewDiePie version Versuri

Oh boy am I gonna regret this video the
Club is the best place to find lovers of
The car is where I’ll be and my friend
Step people doing shot dreams paint and
Then talk to look and come over and dark
Country with just me and trust me to
Give up chance now take my hand
Stop put the name on the check box and
Then we start back and now I’m singing
Like you know I want your love your love

Like a maid for somebody like me come on
Now follow my lead baby crazy
Don’t mind me table let’s not talk too
Much grab on mine and put that body on
Me come on am full of my lead up now
Follow my lead in love with that shape
You like magnetic don’t go my are
Falling in love with your body let make
You burn my room now cheek smell like
You in every day discoveries brand new
Love your body all I was oh my oh I in

Love with you body all I was oh my oh I
Love with your body
Oh I won oh my oh I love with your body
And everyday discovered brand new
I’m in love with that shade of you thank
You for watching this video
The complete success on my end I really
Feel great I really feel like this is
The video I should have made today I
Always struggled to end videos I don’t
Really know like how am I supposed to
End it I’m just I guess I just should
Just cut

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