One Direction

One Direction – Steal My Girl Lyrics

Steal My Girl Lyrics

Well you think you’re cool
And you think you’re smart
Stealing my girl
And then breaking her heart

Well you forgot one thing
Bad karma comes back to sting
And you can’t just buy love
With some big diamond ring

Its time to face the truth
She never loved you
And you need to let go
Before I have to do what I gotta do

No No No No
Steal my girl
You had to go steal my girl
You don’t know the first thing about love

It’s about real feelings
And true trust

Oh Oh Oh
You had to go steal my girl
You broke apart our world
What we have you can’t buy

So get it through your mind
I’m not playing games
I’m playing keeps
She means more than anything

More than anything
More than anything
To me

Wha Ah Uh Ah Uh Oh Oh Oh
Steal my girlfriend, Whooaooahahhh
Steal my girlfriend, Whooaooahahhh.

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