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Versuri Noah Cyrus – Topanga (Voice Memo) Lyrics

Topanga (Voice Memo) Versuri

I can’t drive Topanga anymore
‘Cuz it reminds me of you
Said we’d buy a big house there some day
But we never got to
‘Cuz you and me

And life got in the way
I can’t drive Topanga home today
I can’t wash with that soap anymore
Because it smells just like you
And I still got your shirt stuffed in the draw
Because they smell just like you
Hopes and dreams
And the promises we made
Down the drain they all got washed away
Funny how we’re strangers now and we’re different
And it’s strange how time could turn sweet love to indifference
Yeah, I guess we lied when you and I said we would try focus on forgiveness
And I can’t forget it
One of our friends say you got a girl
And that she looks just like me
Calabasas too small of a world
But I don’t want to see it
So I’ll stay in side where I know that I’m safe
‘Cuz you only live a couple miles away
I don’t drive Topanga anymore
‘Cuz it reminds me of you smoking an singing love songs
In the car
Like we always used to
When I drive by
I turn my eyes and hide
‘Cuz when I pass Topanga now I cry
‘Cuz Topanga just reminds me of you and I
Yeah, T is for Topanga in my mind
T is for Topanga in my mind
Topanga in my mind

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