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Guerra in english versuri Nio García

I leave for the street always ready to die
God don’t let anything happen to me (No-oh)
I have enemies conspiring against me (Yeh-eh)
Don’t get caught leaving the case ’

And friend ’, there is no one
I do not believe in anybody
You can not trust
If you’re a street, then I’m not going ’street
Don’t see come to front

I live without fear of the war
There’s a guy ’and a couple of’
That does not cling to life
I take one out and they bury him, I don’t fear anyone on earth

Because there is gue-rra
There’s a guy ’and a couple of’
That does not cling to life
I take one out and they bury him, I don’t fear anyone on earth

(Ah, you remember my face motherfucker)

With more stick than a golf course, you already know the movie, terror
Make a mistake, I’m giving you ’baby, flow chucha’rro roll (That’s it)
There are 7 buses that go to the mall (Pa mall) (Ah)
To spend the Powerball ticket (Woh-oh)

The perco tic tac, cuts it in the fanny pack
In the Rolex click-clack, getting scared like Jack
Forget it ’I had’ in China, and eat at PF Chang’s
From the ’bottle of champagne, I’m going to give you those of your clan (Listen to me, listen to me)

Death comes when nobody waits
Take care ’in the hamlet, there’s a rifle on every ladder (That’s it)
Indicates, ‘tá to clear out
But it’s late ‘tamo inside
Well, I’m going to break you from inside to outside

Applause to the ’matone’, look for a bitch ’pa’l corone
Go counting the cash, pa ’the’ route ’and pa’ la cone ’ (Pa’ know)
Detect the patron of the ’patrone’, this is by boat and by plane ’
Nation ’and region’ buy ’pichone’ (Casper)

Andamo ’without fear of war, we bought’ stick ’and emptied’ the pot
Whoever wants guayar can exploit it
Investing and doubling the ’profit’ of what goes into the ’jackpot’
I have so much power that I already look like a bichote (Bichote)

I’m going after you, I’m looking for you under the water, shark I know you’re diving
These pigs ask me who am I with (Ah)
I’m like Coco in Torres and like Movie in Orlando

I live like a kilero who is already retiring
Of the street and of the music I keep on billing
The ’kilo’ are going up
They ’deo’ án going down
And the ’whore’ of you here sucking (Here sucking)

There is a guy ’for’ the war and to invest and you’re facing ’ (Front’)
It snores me ’‘ e cojone ’, the one who baquea (Baquea)
Cross my line my sister ’pa’ that I see ’
That the R that kicks and I’m going to light it like a chimney (Prrr)

Now I go out with 10 thousand in pint (Pinta)
A Rolex, 2 stone ’different’ (Ah)
Your movie is going to leave without tape
I am the showgirl who won ’more awards than an artist


They tell me Coscu Picasso, aka kilos of carats (Hahaha)
I have a tool AK for pliers
Get in for Humacao (Yi), if you have me located
I wait for you at the mansion, the Mickey Mouse hooked up ’

And the prrr sounds, the comb emptied and the other one
It’s not the same to beat the lion in Toronto (Auh)
And I come back prrr, there are 100 more people to answer me
And don’t forget that Jordan is still Jordan

23 in the ring, a hundred and a peak in the clock (Woh)
Diamonds on my neck the size of a domino
I’m the stripe and double 6 (Haha), pearl white the Canaguey
Rooster that they throw with me is a rooster killed by law

They weigh me in Pennyway, as in PR there is no break
Everything ’that snores me is from the United States
Here the earth swallows you (Prrr), there is much coward that locks up (Asustao ’)
We’re still on the track while there’s war (Prrr)

I live without fear of the war
There’s a guy ’and a couple of’
That does not cling to life
I take one out and they bury him, I don’t fear anyone on earth

Because there is gue-rra (Woop-woop)
There’s a guy ’and a couple of people’ (Mera gimme a little bit there), who’s not clinging to life (Haha)
I take one out and bury it, I don’t fear anyone on top of it (the MVP is coming) (Woh-woh-woh-woh-woh)

What people á tá bite (Ah)
Because of me they can’t leave during the day
The game tie, base ’full’, call Sugar Diaz (Woh)
That’s me in the genre when they’re all tight
And they don’t get letters, they have to call me obligate ’ (Oh…)

Take care ’auh-auh, pay attention to Coscu, don’t always fall asleep fuck
And now the neighborhood is hotter than Soku
Killing for marshmallow, rumore ’for chocha’
I don’t drop the stick like Yadier Molina doesn’t let go of the trail

Hit the flange, I know you don’t like jogging
But even the fine glass flies if you feel the scourge
You won a race ’don’t bother’
That doesn’t give you a glass and octopus, and I win the pulpote (Uh-wuh)

They don’t know me as El Chapo, cut out ’and without a mustache
Pa’l fuck the ’yola, I don’t want it’ near cerca the boat (Wuh)
And to your corduroy who thinks he is a bichote
Go misaligned ’, tell him to buy something newer than Roster (Hahaha)

I am the honey pa ’lo’ disco, a shooting in front ‘e liquid (Prrr)
And with a broken leg I beat them like Seabiscuit
I will never change teams, they tell me Don whiz kid
I will never change, I will continue to give whiskey (Pusho)

I have a rifle that tells me
“I lay it down, you continue v

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