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Versuri Nicky Jam – Desahogo (english) Ft. Carla Morrison lyrics

Desahogo in english versuri Nicky Jam

I’m glad to love you
I enjoy caressing you
And put you to sleep
It’s creepy
Have you face
Make you smile.

Yeah yeah

Many say they know me
And it’s very easy to speculate
And I don’t judge them, that’s human and natural
Sometimes you think you know about others
But neither 20% is nor half
Everything that I have lived
They are already 39 standing here I follow
My enemies couldn’t
And the truth taking accounts
Looking in the mirror
I was my only enemy
From bareto pa to perco
Every day more stubborn
Without discipline why have talent
But Diosito gave me another chance
I raised my face and I’m not going to lower it


Colombia made me reborn
Truly the word has power
Who was going to bet and who was going to believe
That from Medellín the world was going to break
There is no memory that does not hurt
Shoes without soles
The same piss clothes for school
Hey ha!
But what irony
Now they are Dolce Gabanna
To go out every day
And although the material does not fill
like the sentimental
There is no prize that can be compared
Like the face of my old man when observing
The new house that I gave him
Although it wasn’t Christmas
The people who were with me
Thanks to the fans
And Blind for being my best friend
Battle Companion
In this destination
That is worth more than 20 platinum records
Give me a break to say this:
See my proud mother’s face
there is no more powerful scene
What to kiss and a rose
My three daughters
my most valuable songs
And my little boy watching how he enjoys
What her father worked
so that nothing is ever missing
If I failed at any moment I give the face
And I apologize for my mistakes
I’m human
Thanks to DY
Forever shake hands
El Ñejo, broko, that’s my brother
Barrio Obrero and all Cataño
I hope this happens to get ready
And make a Choli the other year
Puerto Rico

I’m glad to love you
I enjoy caressing you
And put you to sleep
It’s creepy
Have you face
Make you smile
Go go go

Sometimes thinking before bed
Although I always sleep very little
With dreams they live will never be broken
Looking for motivation
Like when still
I had not pasted a song
Insecurities like any other
Better hug her
to the one who asks me for a photo
Well I’m still the same
But with more zeros
I’m still the same but more sincere

Nicky Nicky Nicky Jam
Reggi the authentic
Sa Saga whith black
Industry inc

Desahogo in english lyrics ♪ tiktok Letra de la canción Desahogo in english ♪ Versuri Desahogo in english

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