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Versuri Netflix – The Eddy feat. St. Vincent lyrics

The Eddy versuri Netflix

A vortex of sound
Revolving around
Dissolving you down to
The essence
Of secret desires
That midnight inspires
Music will flow
Candles will glow
Sweetest surrender
Pulling you under
The Eddy

The night will imbue
An indigo hue
The horn blowing blue
Through the evening
Lost in a dance
And caught in a trance
Under the sway
Riding the wave
Sweetest surrender
Pulling us under
The Eddy

A spiral staircase
Leading to that place
Deep in the night
Where everybody’s in the zone
And everybody’s tight
Everybody’s right

We’ve all learned to hide
What’s burning inside
A yearning denied
Just gets stronger
Here’s where we dare
To strip it all bare
Sit with your truth
Dark corner booth
Keep slipping slow
In the strong undertow of
The Eddy

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