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Misery versuri Neal Black

Send me up the river baby
Pray me for a crime
Strap me in a wooden chair
With a pack of Lucky Strikes

Throw the switch and get it over with
I don’t want a sentence with any time
I cant live without your love
You went an left me behind

I’ll never be a man again baby
So have a little sympathy
Baby put me out of my misery

Just take out a contract
You can pay it off out of the will
Tell that hitman to shoot me in the heart
And make sure that I’m killed

Or Burn me in my car
On a dirty road in the night
Don’t torture me with reasons
Don’t bother with explanations why

I cant stand to see you with another man baby
So please have a little sympathy
Baby put me out of my, misery

There’s a strong piece of rope baby
Out back where we use to keep the dog
Find a tall oak tree and I’ll help you tie the knot
So is you don’t go and mess up the job!

And if I’m still kicking
‘Cause something might went wrong
Take the great big shovel up the side of my head
And I surely be gone

I know I’ll never be your man again baby
I’ma, have mercy on me
Baby put your man
Out, out in the electric chair
With my last cigarette
Baby put your man outta misery?

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