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Yeh, I’m part of the problem if this ‘topic’ I don’t ‘get it out’
The people are tired of police abuse
Human to defend your rights I take you out
Although they discriminate against me, I still stand out
2020 and still racism continues
When is this going to end? Only God decides
Martin Luther King died, his legacy lives
I was born the same day as him, maybe my music will turn
There is no race at the social level or preference that divides us
For my ideas’ I give my life
They abused us when we were ‘slaves, I never forget that’
Don’t miss the food, the necessity forces you
Proud to be black, people know how I am
May George Floyd rest in peace, ah
Toa ‘the’ nights I kneel because thanks ‘to Dio’ I am where I am
If they play dirty it’s going to happen like Indiana against Detriot
May the Black Mamba rest in peace, we are ‘in time finale’
I let myself be carried away by the ‘signal’ that the Lord commands
Puerto Rico governs itself, sorry, Wanda
I take care of my propaganda myself
The Jordan’s in Last Dance, fan base expands
The Wakanda Panther is speaking
When you focus and progress they say you change
Hopefully anyone who abuses power will be attacked by karma, haha

Oh, job opportunity for those who get out of jail
If they are not going to do the same, count on it
I think it is time to raise the salary to the ‘teacher’
And to everything ‘that the health system is involved in’
I’m not René, but from P.R. I am a resident
My people seriously apologize for the following
I want to nail the daughter or the wife of the president
So that because of me you like the ‘black’ pa ‘always
They tell me Michael X, I represent the ‘absent’
This quarantine bastard has me impatient
‘Toy playing in your song and in the adjacent area
At my level you have to talk, the crazy person can’t make you
What i feel i can’t save
Hey, my platform, I am using it to promote equality
What is going to happen? Only Dio ‘will know
If he told you to choose to enter heaven or hell, seriously, which one is he going to?
As I say one thing, I say the other
Guard to do her job well must be recognized
But the code remains the same, this is our thing
In closed mouth and ‘impossible that they enter fly’
Without paper ‘cruzamo’ border ‘, we entered’ along the coast
But my family cannot miss the purchase
I have to take a risk, I don’t care if I get deported
It is not a bad thing to fall, the problem is if you do not go back

Oh, and to bring her in black and white, in the end we are ‘human’
E ‘better than not’ unamo ‘
If friendship were a ship, I might sink it ‘
Gave, sorry for making money from the dumb
You know ‘we don’t judge’
At the time ‘and demonstrate they know we do not play’
But still pending how much I earn
And when they knocked down the ‘Twin Tower’ I was like in fourth grade
Malice entered me, I said: “That was the government, how much do I go?”
I leave you bankrupt if you bet ‘against me
We must make the ‘chains break
And to me without hell, they are famous or they recognize me
The ‘prize’ they don’t ‘award, the’ rank ‘they don’t’ place
If I fall you celebrate, I like to see how they rejoice
The ‘cute’ face ‘of my black people
I always taught the ‘hand’ if I threw stone ‘
And now when I throw a disc all the earth trembles

Hey, ya, ya, ya, ya
Lyke Mike comin ‘soon

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