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Versuri Milan – Hangover lyrics

Hangover versuri Milan

Look at your face
When you’re with me
Couldn’t be clearer
How you want me nearer
Your hidden smile

Shows in your eyes
I see myself in ’em
They’re my favorite mirror
Ain’t no body’s business
Why I’m in this
I just fight less
When you’re right here
Thunder to my lightning
Ain’t nobody else here
I’ll just wait here
If you’re with it
Come and find me
We can party everyday
Be ourselves and have our way
Play weird music real’ loud
Let’s hang over at my house
Throw our hands up in the air
Make out like it’s Truth or Dare
There’s a beast under this blouse
Let’s hang over at my house
My heart is a wolf
Hungry n’alone
And you smell like prey
So won’t you stay
Under one roof
Behind a close door
We’ll be ok
You’re safe with me

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