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Versuri Mike – Crazy Like You lyrics

Crazy Like You versuri Mike

Heart shot
Got me real’ good
I’mma be honest
I think I should
stop pretending to care about the weather
Oh oh oh oh

So hot
Got me in the mood
I’ll just do me
Don’t mean to be rude
Turn off the lights, we can shine together
Oh oh oh oh

You’re beautiful
And out of your mind, baby
A pretty mess in stillettos

Don’t wanna waste more time
Crazy like you, so hard to find
I’m ready to stop the time
I’m ready to start a fight
Crazy like you, so hard to find

The night
is freakin’ glorious
I’m driving fast, but ain’t furious
dying to get where you’re waiting
Oh oh oh oh

Your smile
Made me curious
Gravity ain’t got a thing on us
You know I’m down for whatever now lately
Oh oh oh oh

Fire on the floor
I can see it in your eyes
Cards are on the table
No excuses no more lies
Time’s on our side
You by my side
Hair on your back
No we can’t hide
We can’t deny
We’re a little wild
and I don’t wanna waste more time.

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