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Megan Nicole – Fever Lyrics

Versuri cantec "Fever" de la Megan Nicole.

You and me we’re taking on the world together
No matter what the weather
This love will last forever
Magnetized connected to your energy
A perfect harmony

Play to my melody
Set me off
Just like a supernova
I’m on a roller coaster
I wanna pull ya closer
So wrapped up
Lost in our own galaxy
It comes so naturally

Cause every time we touch girl
I’m addicted to the rush.
It’s crazy what I’m feeling
But I just can’t get enough

So in love
Never gonna leave you
Guilty of
Lovin’ so I’ll show you
Just how much
I’m under your spell and I’ve got the fever
So in love
A chemical reaction
All i want
My heart is full of passion
Turn me up
Im under your spell and i got the fever

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