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Versuri MC Paulin Da Capital – VT Tá Na Bota (english)

VT Tá Na Bota in english

This is how it is
De rolé, sabadão
In the rump the bush, villain,
It draws attention to the attire,
key grinder

Expert, degree of a hand
Malandragem, featured
Thief’s thorn, come on
Zigzag, with full engine, a million

And the freedom of the world, dominates the situation
You do not steal my breeze, it’s blitz
Calm down, mozão

Today VT is in the boot, sure that the handlebar pilota
Trust the villain who plays, GS, baby, I want to see me get
GPS calculating the route, thug, in the curve she plays
But I ask her to settle down, this crossing we’re going to swing

VT Tá Na Bota in english lyrics ♪ Letra de la canción VT Tá Na Bota in english ♪ Versuri VT Tá Na Bota in english

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