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Mau y Ricky – Perdóname (english) Lyrics

Lyrics to 'Perdóname in english' by Mau y Ricky.

Forgive me, I know I should not think about you anymore
But I forgot to tell you
That I have not had a good time

Forgive me, is that I did not find any
Let the moon return me, the one I give you

For talking about crazy things, loving you has no cure and it has become a torture I can not see you
For talking about crazy things, I remember our antics, doing it with you in the car and the people who could see us

Oh, forgive me
Excuse me
As much as I want to forget you, I want to call you
Oh, sorry
Excuse me
As much as I want to let you go, more I want to kiss you
Oh forgive me forgive me

I know I do not leave your mind
You look for my stories to come back to see me
Is that you left me suddenly
I can be with another but you are different

You did it to me wherever
At the movies or under the stairs
Although the sky dawned
the first one fell asleep.

There I still think that you are there
When I wake up and you’re not there anymore
For walking rumbeando there

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