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Versuri Mark Ronson – Pistol Of Fire ft. D. Smith

Versurile cantecului "Pistol Of Fire" interpretat de Mark Ronson

Pistol of fire, pistol of fire
Pistol of fire, shattered the frame
Go hug your sister, go love your sister
Go hug your sister one in the same

Aiyah where is it you want to take me,
Aiyah where is it wou want to go Aiyah,
Wrapping up morning’s coming
Aiyah come home before the rooster crows

I feel the water out in the cool grass
Down in the meadow under the tree
It’s gonna tickle you’re gonna giggle
It’s gonna tickle for free

Pistol Of Fire lyrics ♪ Letra de la canción Pistol Of Fire ♪ Versuri Pistol Of Fire

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