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You Want It All versuri LP

We been on this roundabout
Swimming in these fields of doubt
But there is no time now
The rain is coming down
So prepare for war
You can’t run that far
You got to stand your ground
There’s no more days to count

I was there for you
I’d have died for you
I changed my life for you
But you couldn’t keep it true
You’ll never know how hard
I hit the ground that day
The changing of the guard
The bitter taste it gave

Oh oh oh oh oh
Winds are starting to blow out there
Oh oh oh oh oh
It’s only yours if you run for it
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Sow that seed with no regrets
Oh oh oh oh oh
Gets so hard when you know
You want it all

It’s in your poetry
I knew you’d come for me
And all the subtleties
Of what was meant to be
You could hear the call
When you jumped to fall
Just remember now
It’s cuz you want it all

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