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LP – No Witness Lyrics

Versuri cantec "No Witness" de la LP.

How do I get you outta my head
How do I get you back in my bed
Oh no
Tell me your crazy tell me you’re scared
Tell me you still love what you had oh no

When there’s no more sins to care about
And the hard rain hard times pour on down
When it’s all been said and done
No one can save me

Oh bear me no witness
Oh oh oh bear me no witness
Tell me now How many highs can get me so down
‘Cause it don’t matter how many times I go round
Help me lord oh oh oh bear me no witness

No one can save me
Love me or hate me
I’ll keep on waiting
Nothing I won’t do

Take u my love like a street cut drug
Never know what you’re really made of oh no

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