Loredana Groza

Loredana – Avatar Lyrics

Avatar Lyrics

In mii de feluri te-am strigat
Mii de nume ti-am dat
In mii de locuri te-am chemat
Nu te-am gasit suflet avatar!

I’ve called for you a thousand ways
I’ve given you a thousand names
I’ve looked for you a thousand days
But I haven’t found you avatar

Ai aparut ca din senin
Inger sau avatar
Nu stiu din ce lume vii
E vis sau esti real
Suflet avatar

You appeared as if from nowhere
Angel or avatar
I don’t know what world you’re part of/you’re from
Is this a dream or are you real

Cate stele sunt sus pe cer
Tu mi le dai mie!
Port sufletul tau in suflet zi si noapte
Ne vorbim putin de vorbe n-avem nevoie
Cu buze de iubire tu ma gasesti mereu

Oh so many stars
In the sky! You bring them to me!
Carrying your soul
In mine all day and night
There’s no need to speak
We don’t need so many words
With your loving lips
You find me every time

I de vieti parca am trait
Inainte de asta
In fiecare te am gasit
Asa a fost sortit
Acum este doar preludiu la tot ce va urma

I feel I lived a thousand lives
Before this one
In each of them I found you
It was meant to be
Now is just the beggining for all that is to come
Or here and now is

I don’t know what you think of:
I feel I lived a thousand lives
Before this one
Each time I found you and realized
It was no surprise

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