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Versuri Lil Yachty – Moments In Time Lyrics

Moments In Time versuri

Do you feel good b*tch
Baby, do you feel good b*tch
Do I make you feel good b*tch
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh

Moments through the night, I turn to your side
Rub my index finger through your thighs
All of my life, I been feinding for a wife
I don’t wanna share
Right hand gripped with the bun of hair
Waking up without you is such a scare
Gripping on your hips while you hold the chair
At around 3, it’s just not fair
Baby, let’s live in slow mo
I don’t wanna share
Baby, let’s live in slow mo
Baby, let’s live in slow mo
I don’t wanna share
I don’t wanna share

We at a peak
Oh, you my favorite freak
Every day, every single week
It’s my job to make your knees weak
Shh, I repeat
I am not ashamed
I will not forget your name
I stood out in the rain
I feel your pain
I give you everything
I, I
The deeper I go, you feel in your toes
You know where home is (You know where home is)
Just focus (Just focus)
Are you for this b*tch (Are you for this b*tch)
Are you wasting my time b*tch
Please don’t do that
Oh no, no

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