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Versuri Lexie Liu – Outta Time (feat. KILLY) Lyrics

Outta Time Versuri

Run away, run away, way from here
We outta time
Doomsday’s coming near
但我还在这 依然是属于你的
But I am standing here still belong to you
Don’t you remember swamps crashing into infinity
Your heavy gasping’s the only sound waking me up
But it doesn’t matter
For we still got cosmic infinity for eternity

经过了缠绵的浪与沙 霜与花
Waves, sands, frosts, blossoms crossing by
真与假不管了请回答 请回答
Is it real or all a lie? Answer me
上路吧若那是你的话 你的话
Just leave it all behind if it’s for you
我会不再独自 泪如雨下
My tears will never rain alone
So escape with me

My ephemeral joy
Scattered in your dismay
The silent dove cannot doubt
Your joy made me fall in love

Oh 你站在屹立珠穆朗玛山顶峰
Oh, you peaking Mt. Everest
Dunes splashed by tides, we gazing at the starry sky
Jump, asking where am I
Across the galaxy here I am, at the end of time

Oh baby, oh oh baby
No I don’t trust nobody but we can get away
No, no, no, nobody
No I don’t trust nobody
No, no, no, nobody
But I can ride ride ride with you

You, with you
I still set free the truth
Went through without you
No no no no (you)

Crazy how time flies by (flies by)
Used to hit you late night for a ride
One year later begging to my eyes (in my eyes)
She don’t look in my eyes (time)

I have trouble, trust you anymore (anymore)
But I already let you see my soul versuri.us
I know, could never let it show
Me, myself and I cannot trust nobody
Even when I’m solo silhouette behind me
I just try to play it hit the Shinigamis
I got 100 problems I don’t need no solid
And no one can stop me, but time ain’t stopping

Oh baby, oh baby
No I don’t trust nobody but we can get away
No, no, no, nobody
No I don’t trust nobody
No, no, no, nobody
But I can ride, ride, ride with you

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