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Something In Your Eyes versuri Les Elephants Bizarres

There’s something in my eyes that shines
And something in your eyes that lies
And nothing nothing baby i would do
To change you

Got a million thoughts spinning in my head
But they’re all fading when I see you sad
Cause baby baby baby I would do
Everything for you

Look in my eyes
Look in my eyes
Don’t tell you fine
I know that you lying
I can see you been crying
What is the prob
What is gain
If we living in pain
Should be simple plan
Heart is in chains
I can’t explain
The thoughts in my brain

I’ll do everything
I’ll do anything
Joint bank accounts
And a wedding ring
Even raise hell to make the heaven sing
We playing on yo field
I’m just leveling
Trying to keep balance
Trying to keep us active
You been sitting idle
Not concerned wit action
Wanna make us perfect
You won’t even practice
I give you anything
But you ain’t even asking

I just wanna make it better
Will that make you stay
I don’t really see this turning out
Any other way
Gotta focus on the now
And take it day by day
Just promise you won’t let nobody
Take ya heart away

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